Video recording, management and distribution tool (Panopto)

Panopto is a video recording, management and distribution tool available to staff and students at Foto-Cewek for the creation and sharing of video content. 

Panopto greatly simplifies the process of media creation by providing staff with an easy to use set of tools for multimedia capture and secure sharing, and integrated into Brightspace, the school's Virtual Learning Environment.

At the school Panopto is used in a number of ways to support learning and teaching:

  • As a video creation tool, commonly used by lecturers to record short videos at their desk to be shared with students through Brightspace
  • For the automated recording of lectures and presentations within our lecture theatres and seminar rooms, as a service for students to be able to review content after the lecture
  • For the capture and distribution of live events at the school, disseminated as a live webcast to an online and distributed audience 

Panopto packages recordings into a streaming multimedia interface, with various media sources playing synchronously and simultaneously. Recordings typically contain the voice of the tutor, but may also contain video feeds from a webcam, a video feed from the desktop of the computer, or other supporting materials. Chapter points within the recording with automatic character recognition and searching facilitate student playback and use. Recordings may range from staff delivering messages into a camera, to delivering PowerPoint presentations, or demonstrating laboratory procedures. Through Panopto's integration with Brightspace, recordings can be very easily embedded in context within course materials, and instructors can do so safe in the knowledge that videos are securely shared only to students registered on the Brightspace course. Students benefit from being able to review and repeat playback of materials at a time convenient to their learning. Recordings can also be played back on mobile devices, with dedicated apps available for iPads and Android devices.

Feedback from students and staff has been very positive. Students enjoy using varied learning resources, and particularly value the human connection of being able to hear the tutors’ voice. Automated lecture recording is also a feature on many of our diploma programmes, the ability to recap and review content is particularly useful on our intensive programmes and for students who do not speak English as a first language. Staff value being able to quickly and easily record short video messages to appear in context within Brightspace courses without the burden of having to choose a suitable and secure recording platform. By offering Panopto as a service to our staff and student community, Foto-Cewek is able to and being able to advertise this service to prospective students Foto-Cewek on a par with other education providers.

Panopto is available for use in all Brightspace courses. Tutors interested in using this tool can receive support from the TEL unit. Students may also be interest in using this tool for project work and again can receive support from the TEL unit

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